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Dry Aged
Irish Beef


Irish Beef is renowned the World over for it’s quality and flavour.
All the beef we supply is 100% Irish and completely grass fed. In addition our Beef is matured for a minimum of 28 days to intensify the flavour and tenderness. All our cuts of meat are hand selected by a skilled master butcher. By choosing our Irish Beef based on fat content, marbling and Structure we can guarantee a consistency of the highest quality for even our most discerning customers. When you buy Irish beef from Dwyers Family Butchers you are buying quality. From a Striploin Roast to a Sirloin steak the flavour is unmistakable.

We have also earned a coveted reputation for our Beef Mince. 98% Fat free and minced daily to ensure our customers get only the best!
Our Quality Irish Beef supplier is Ballymooney Foods.
Established in Clane Co. Kildare in 1966 by Pat Doyle the firm built a reputation for unrivalled standards of excellence, consistency and dependability with suppliers and customers alike.



Irish Lamb is in demand the World over due to its high Quality and flavour. A combination of mild climate and diet results in an unmistakable sweetness and tenderness to the meat.
Legs of Lamb are renowned for being lean yet full of flavour, and make an excellent choice for a roasting joint when you want to impress. From rack of lamb to loin lamb chops to lamb cutlets our skilled master butchers are on hand to help and guide selection for the perfect meal.

Our lamb is 100% Irish and supplied by Ballymooney foods. Established in Clane Co. Kildare in 1966 by Pat Doyle the firm built a reputation for unrivalled standards of excellence, consistency and dependability with suppliers and customers alike.

Free Range
Irish Pork

Organic Irish Pork

At Dwyer’s family butchers our ethos is quality. We believe in supplying the finest quality produce at affordable prices. Free range Pork is a must when quality matters. Our Free range Pork is Bord Bia approved which means only the best quality pork for you and your family.
Our supplier is a Family owned business operated by Loa and Thomas Salter. Salters Free Range Farm is a family owned business located in the heart of Co. Carlow. This historic farm traces its origins back to the early 17th Century. The original farmhouse has been home to members of the Salter family since 1625.

When you next visit Dwyer’s Family Butchers you’ll also find a selection of their 100% Irish free range pork sausages. These are made to a closely guarded recipe passed down through six generations of the Salter Family.

Free Range Chicken

Free Range & Organic
Irish Poultry

Dwyer’s Family Butchers believe in delivering the finest quality food from our family to yours.
Chicken has become a staple diet in most households over the last number of years. Chicken recipes are in abundance on the internet. From cooking the world’s best best chicken wings to creating an authentic Coq au vin the recipes are only a click away – so no excuses. As a meat it’s extremely versatile and this makes it easy to prepare nutritious meals for any day of the week or any meal of the day.

Irish organic chicken is at the forefront of quality and is supplied to us by Margaret McDonnell of Co. Kildare under the guarantee of Organicfoodsales.ie and the Irish organic farmers and growers association. We have also partnered with Sean Ring Farms just outside Castlecomer in Co. Kilkenny to supply you the finest Free Range Chicken money can buy.

Home Made

Homemade Burgers

We can tell you that we supply the best tasting homemade beef burgers in Ireland but why not take our loyal and repeat customers word for it! Using only the finest beef and adding a select blend of secret ingredients we hand create a beef burger that is so meaty, juicy and seriously tasty that we dare not run out for fear of reprisals. Perfect for the barbecue and easy on the grill these gourmet beef burgers will have the family screaming more more. Our beef burgers are also fully gluten free so the celiacs or gluten intolerant in our lives won’t miss out.

We have also recently created a new homemade Turkey breast burger. This 100% turkey breast meat burger is virtually fat free and comes as original flavour and in a coriander, lime and chile flavour. We have been advised to enter a taste competition with this creation but the only gold we want is from you so remember to ask for it next time you are in store.
Our Turkey Burgers are a fantastic and quick option for an after school filler. They grill in just a few minutes and taste great in a bun or on their own.

Olive Fed Wagyu Beef

Olive Fed
Wagyu Beef

Our supplier Millmount Farm Edenderry is the only olive fed Wagyu beef farm in Ireland and the first olive fed wagyu beef farm in the World outside Japan. Cattle are raised to at least 36 months letting the fine marbling of the meat develop as the cattle eat amazing caramelised olives. Oleic acid present in the olives lowers the melting point of the fat making it more tender and juicy. Increases in the glutamic acid give the beef an improved Umami while the rise in monounsaturated fats compared to saturated fats provides a lighter eating experience.

Olive feed not only creates an incredibly unique beef flavour but also significantly improves the nutritional profile of the meat. This increased tenderness and buttery Olive flavour makes eating our Wagyu Steak an experience to be savoured. Shut the door. Unplug the phone and put the kids to their room. If you have a Dwyer’s Family Butcher Wagyu steak asking to be cooked you’ll want no interruptions.



At Dwyer’s Family Butchers we have become recognised and are regularly complimented on the quality of our Veal. Veal brings a high quality and recognisable flavour to the table.
Veal has been an important ingredient in Italian, French and other Mediterranean cuisines from ancient times. The veal is often in the form of cutlets, such as the Italian cotoletta or the famous Austrian dish Wiener Schnitzel. Some classic French veal dishes include fried escalopes, fried veal Grenadines (small, thick fillet steaks), stuffed paupiettes, roast joints, and blanquettes.

As veal is lower in fat than many meats, care must be taken in preparation to ensure that it does not become tough. Veal is often coated in preparation for frying or eaten with a sauce.Veal Parmigiana is a common Italian-American dish made with breaded veal cutlets.

Wild Irish Game

Wild Irish Game

Free range duck,venison, game, wild boar, rabbit and Pheasant are sourced from Wild Irish Game established in Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow in 1997. From the outset Michael and his late wife Jane built a firm reputation for unrivalled standards of excellence consistency and dependability with suppliers and customers alike.

In 2014 the Healy’s joined forces with the Doyle family of Ballymooney Foods, expanding the scope of the business.The company remains totally Irish owned and family run with fully accredited premises which are operated under the strictest ethics, integrity and food safety legislation ensuring that the quality of produce is second to none.